Tips to Become a Teacher

Teaching students is a satisfying and rewarding job and teaching jobs are in great demand since a long time. This job profile offers various perks, but teaching needs dedication and requires you to do your research properly. Before getting into this valuable profession, you must understand it thoroughly. In most of the cities in England, teachers are highly respected. The curriculum is easy and even the foreign teachers can start the job easily.

Age Groups

Before making any final decision, you must understand the education system. There are primary and secondary schools. It includes various stages:

Early years of foundation stage: It involves the students of age group between 0-5-year olds. It is more about the nursery and reception.

· Stage 1: In this stage, the students belong to 5-7-year-old group and follow the curriculum of school years 1-2.

· Stage 2: All 7-11-year-old children fall in this stage and study 3-6 school years.

· Stage 3: In this stage, the students are 11-14-year olds and study school years 7-9.

· Stage 4: All the 14-16-year-old children follow school years 10-11.

Choosing the Age Groups

If you are not sure about which group is right for you, then gain experience. Teach different students belonging to various age ranges. The teaching jobs are demanding and hence, training covers two stages. Once you complete the training, you can choose to teach your preferred age group.

Perks of Being a Teacher

Working as a teacher has many benefits such as:

· Teachers have to work for reasonable hours as compared to corporate jobs.

· Like students, teachers enjoy serious vacation duration.

· Teachers get solid pay-checks.

If you win the hearts of the children, students shower their love and respect. The warmth of students helps you to become a more successful teacher. It is a secured job and helps to have better work-life balance.

Many opportunities are available in the teaching sector. Teaching is fun for those who love children.